Questions and Answers – Park your Ontario Real Estate License

Q:Why AALI REALTY INC brokerage charge is so low?
A:This brokerage is a virtual office, sour cost are low.
Q:When we need park the license?
A:Our job as Realtor is to help people. We need a perfect situation. But in Real Estate industry, path to success sometimes is a bumpy and narrow road, not a highway. In this situation, a Realtor can park their licence. The Realtor that sell condo, may need a few months to recover in this marketplace 

In addition, when you feel there are not roadblocks or detours, you may give a notice to us, and start over.

Q:What we mean by “Park the  Real Estate License”?
A:When you look at the we site of The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) or the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (REBBA 2002) and associated regulations, you could not see anything about Park Real Estate license.  But this is a phrase and it mean, keep your License of Real Estate active, and you do not have to pay different  franchise or desk fees.
Q:What fees we can save, with Park  Real Estate Licence?
Whit joining AALI REALTY INC. , you  will pay $110 per year (plus tax)  to this brokerage and will not loose your valuable RECO  license. You could save different fees related to Desk Fee, Franchise Fee, OREA, CREA, TREB or other  Real Estate boards.
Q: Is this affordable choice for realtors?
A: Exactly. Realtors that are less active for a period of time, they may need affordable option. In this situation, they can join an affordable brokerage and save. AALI Realty Inc provide services for Ontario Realtor.
Q: Do we have to travel to your office at South of Lake Simcoe?
A:Not at all. Just send me email ( or give us a call  (1-416-238-4412), and we can arrange it. ASAP 
Q: Does AALI REALTY INC has another division?
A:Yes. For more information about “Multilingual Embroidery” division, please visit This division, provide Services and workshop

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